Tuesday, May 10, 2011

25 Weeks

Twenty-five pennies can be exchanged for a quarter. A silver wedding anniversary is met with 25 years of marriage. Candidates for election to the United States House of Representatives must be 25 years of age.
Twenty-five weeks have flown by and we have 15 weeks left! I’m ready to hold this baby in my arms already.  Baby J is around 1.5 lbs and 13.5 inches head to heel.

5-10-11 ... 25 Weeks
The bump is finely making a consistent appearance. I think it’s hilarious to observe the looks I get from co-workers. Most are aware that I’m pregnant and so anxious to see a baby bump, that I catch them stealing glimpses at my stomach when I’m looking away. When I turn to look at someone, I catch them with their eyes staring at my stomach! Haha. I can only laugh. I think it’s cute.
Last night I had my first maternity class. It was a class on breastfeeding. I didn’t make Mr. JCrew go, but my good, and pregnant, friend went with me. We signed up for the same classes so we could take them together. I feel very confident after that class and I'm ready!!

My favorite gift ... I love gators!

Oh, Mr. JCrew and I saw two movies this weekend… “Something Borrowed” and “Fast Five.” Mr. JCrew was not feeling well when we saw “Something Borrowed” so his judgment was clouded, but I liked it. The action in “Fast Five” was awesome!! Kept me entertained and Baby J was kicking toward the end. Guess he/she gave up on napping with the loud noises and decided to let me know he/she enjoyed the movie too.
One cool thing about the movie, I started to get mixed feelings about. The movie had a character in it that had the boy name we have picked out! Mr. JCrew and I both smiled at each other when we first heard it. It just confirmed I still loved it! However, my mixed feelings came in and I got sad that it could get popular. We made up our boy’s name. It cannot be found anywhere. And here this movie comes out using our name! I guess I wouldn’t care if we hadn’t made it up. At least the movie didn’t spell it the same. And the character was such a small part, that it could easy go unnoticed. It was still cool, though.
How Far Along?: 25 Weeks
How Big Is Baby?: the size of a rutabaga
Maternity Clothes?: Pants; yes. I can still make pre-pregnancy shirts work.
Sleep?: I’m still sleeping good.
Food Cravings?: Peanut Butter, cereal, bagels
Movement?: Kicking and flipping
Gender?: Will find out June 18th!
Belly Button?: still an innie.

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