Monday, May 9, 2011

Stones Can Break Your Bones

I love stonework. It creates a finished look. We edged our front flower beds with brick. Our neighborhood has it as a rule. Silly, but it makes things look nice. It also keeps the grass from growing into our flowerbeds. Our neighborhood requires us to have Bermuda grass. That grass is resilient! It sends out runners everywhere and will take over! That’s a good characteristic for grass to have, but not when I’m trying to keep it out of my flowerbeds.

When we created the flowerbeds in the back yard, we removed grass with a sod-cutter and laid down landscape fabric to keep grass from growing. The grass still sent runners under the fabric, so we bought this green edging that you pound into the ground. It worked, but wasn’t the prettiest. We lived with it for a year, but it was my goal to upgrade to natural stone.

We bit the bullet and purchases pallets and pallets of stone. Five pallets to be exact.

The Tennessee cobblestone was an idea from a house in our neighborhood. They used the tumbled version to edge their flowerbeds. I loved the look.

I was in search of the exact stone and found it! It took exactly one pallet to edge our flowerbeds in the back yard.

I absolutely LOVE the look.
We also found a flagstone. The use for this would be a walkway leading from the gate to the porch. I needed a stone that was thin so I wouldn’t have to dig deep to place it.
I measured the width of the gate and laid out the stone in a random pattern that maintained the width the whole length of the pathway.

I could not be more excited about our stonework. Best part… I saved money on the labor! Plus, it was a good workout lifting stone!

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