Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Master Throne

I’ve noticed in newer houses, the master bathroom has a toilet closet. I like this idea. Two people can still use the bathroom at the same time and not be locked out.
Toilet closets are not pretty subjects, though. Have you ever seen one? Maybe this will be your first.
The door to our toilet “room” doesn’t stay open on its own. The builder offered to remedy the problem, but I didn’t see it necessary. I knew I didn’t want to stare at the toilet.
There was one weekend when we were browsing around town and stopped in the Pottery Barn store. They had these milk crates in different sizes that they displayed on the wall and on the floor. Of, course I took pictures with my phone.

I liked the idea of using them as nooks on the wall, but again, wasn’t willing to shell out the dough for what they were asking.
I then set out to find a cheaper one and I found one at Michael’s craft store. It wasn’t the right color, but I had stain to fix that.
I immediately knew where I would hang my new basket… in the Master Bathroom Toilet Closet!

My mom gets the credit for filling the basket. She gathered things from around the house and put them there. I’ve got candles, books, a frame and a smaller basket.
We also put a narrow basket on top of the toilet to hold toilet paper. Great place to store extra roles.

Now that the toilet closet actually looked pretty, I had a reason to keep the door open. I wanted to see it every time I walked by.

That’s when I got my dachshund statue and used it as a doorstop. I could have easily fixed the door from closing shut, but I thought this detail was much cuter. He use to be sitting on top of a pile of books, but I like seeing him here better.

There you have it; a pretty toilet room. Didn’t think I’d ever say those words in the same sentence.
In This Post:

Wooden Crate; Michael's Craft Store, $4.99

Basket; Michael's, $10

Stain; had on-hand

Dachshund Statue; Pottery Barn, gift ($15)

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