Monday, June 6, 2011

Spotlight On It

The whole idea of the backyard transformation is to provide an oasis. We wanted a private yard that didn’t feel like a normal backyard.
With the extension of the patio, it created more room for company to hang out. Thinking ahead, we wanted to make sure there was ample light for guests to stay outside as long as they wanted. Equipped with one spotlight and a small porch light, we decided to add more light fixtures.
We replaced the small porch light with an outdoor fan from Lowes. Killing two birds with one stone, this fixture gave light, but also helped cool the porch down (as well as keep bugs from entering the house.)

The corner spotlight got most of the yard, but it still wasn’t adequate. We bought a cheap spotlight and hung it directly in the middle of the house.

We used the same outdoor wiring we used for the garage lanterns (here) and wired the new spotlight to the existing one.

This would mean that both spotlights would come on when I flipped the switch at the door. I couldn’t think of an instance where I would need one spotlight and not the other. I had special tacking staples that would guide the wire from one spotlight to the other. I used these same staples for the garage lanterns.

I then painted the wire and staples the trim color of the house. Unless you are staring, it goes unnoticed. I’m sure I could have fished the wire up through the soffit, but I will go ahead and call myself lazy. I just didn’t want to.

It makes such a big difference. Now we can see the dogs when they go outside at night. No hiding in the shadows from Mom and Dad!!

In This Post:
Outdoor Fan – Monte Carlo Fan Company: 52” Lantise Roman Bronze $199
Basic Spotlight - $15
Outdoor Wire – had on hand
Wire Staples – had on hand
Touch up paint

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