Friday, June 3, 2011

Staircase to the Family

The collage didn’t stop in the living room. I had a lot of family pictures I wanted to display and an empty staircase.
I bought a lot of frames in different sizes, but related, at Old Time Pottery.
I got the idea of course, from Pottery Barn.
With this collage planning, I laid out the frames on the floor in the yellow room.

I measured the rise of the steps on the staircase and the plan was to mimick the rise with the pictures.

I placed the frames in a pattern and it looked like it would work.
There were several switched until my eye thought it was appealing.

As for the height the frames would start at, I did not want the hand rail to disturb the view.

As I started to hang the frames, I realized some of the frames were wider than an actual step on the staircase. This would mean somewhere along my pattern, a rise would not correspond with the step.

So, there is one spot that has a frame rise higher than the pattern, but the normal eye doesn’t notice unless you stare.
Currently the frames are filled with pictures of my family and Mr. JCrew’s family through the years. Every year that I get an updated picture of my nieces, it goes in the frame of the previous years’.  When little JCrews start filling the house, the pictures that are of Mr. JCrew and I will be replaced. We don’t need to see our faces plastered on the wall. It’s a little narcissist, if you ask me. I can’t wait to use my camera to take Baby J’s pictures!!!

A paint job on the stairway is planned future project. When we changed the hallway color, I did not challenge myself to the stairway. It is a job that requires stilts and a professional. Right now, the color is not offensive.

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