Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wall Collages

There’s a trend that’s been around for a while and won’t die. It’s called a collage. A collage can be of many things. Pottery Barn likes to collage picture frames. My mom had a collage of mirrors in our dining room growing up. I’ve seen a collage of clocks and a collage of sheet music.

When I moved in the house, I made a collage of family pictures on my mantle. I did it mainly to hide the plug that was on the wall.

The living room was arranged differently until we changed out the couch. The couch made us change the TV location, which made me lose my mantle collage.

Before the couch even came, I took measurements and decided to move my collage to the wall over the couch.  I preferred working with no furniture in the way.
I started with the biggest picture I had. I left it in its old location and was going to work around it.

I then used other pictures to make a rectangle out of them.

From there I built around them. I laid everything out on the floor because it was easy to move around.

To mix things up, I added two shelves. I had a clock I wanted to incorporate, but couldn’t hang. Plus I had smaller wallet-sized frames that I needed a shelf to put them on.

There was a small space I had open that would be hard to find a picture to fit. I then came up with the idea to write my new last name on a piece of wood in that size.

Once the design was complete, it was time to transfer to the wall. This was an easy one by one transfer.

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Once the couch came, the design was just the right height. It was a little longer than the couch length, but it worked. No one really notices that small detail.

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