Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Couch Potato

You’ve seen our green couch, but did you see what we had before?

Living Room January 2009
These couches have been around. I bought them from a friend when I moved into my condo.
Orlando Condo Living Room 2007

These couches were from Rooms-To-Go and were oh-so-comfortable!!! I slept on them many times at my friend’s house and at my own house.
The couches made it to the new house and were great. They provided needed seating, but weren’t my vision for the room. But you can make anything work if you have to.
I also had my OLD TV that I got from high school graduation! This TV was so nice back then. It had a built-in VCR that I’d use to record all my favorite shows.

I even went through some of the Video Tapes recently, and laughed at the type of shows I recorded… Days of Our Lives, ER, etc.
My plan for the living room was to install a TV over the fireplace. My 27” TV was not made to hang, so we put it against the wall. This made the seating arrangement quite different.

We knew we’d eventually want to upgrade, but we were making it work with what we had first. My in-laws have a great U-shaped couch they got from Macy’s that I loved. It was the type of couch everyone could just lay around on. I wanted that same vibe for our living room.
So, I did my research and found a U-shaped couch at Rooms-To-Go. It was from Cindy Crawford’s collection called the “Metropolis.” I’m all about buying products endorsed by famous people! (NOT)

At the same time we bought the new couch, we needed to get the new TV. Of course… priorities! However, this TV was a steal!!! We got it on sale on top of a sale on top of a sale. Mr. JCrew had a previous notion that women get taken advantage of by salemen. I broke his theory and showed him I was capable of getting a good deal on manly toys!!! One point for Me!

We saved so much money, that we paid for professional installation. I didn’t want to chance hanging such a big piece of electronic all by myself. Of course they didn’t hide all the pretty wiring, so I had to do that myself. I attached everything to a surge protector and hid it behind the TV as well. At least the builder had a plug above the fireplace!
This left two wires I had to magically disguse to get down; the cable and DVD connections. I painted the exposed wires the same color as the wall. Then I placed three candles on the mantle. Ta-da! Cables gone.
Our old living room arrangement was not bad. I could have lived with it longer, but I am so much happier with my green couch!

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