Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bottle Labels

Now that we know what Baby J is, the first thing I did was start ordering personalized things. Most things I had gotten before I knew the baby's gender were generic with “Jenson” written on them. I called Mr. JCrew “Jenson” when we first started dating, but that was because his military buds called him that. Plus, I was fond of the name and wanted to say it more often. :)
So, most burp cloths we have are monogrammed with “Jenson.”

Hey, they’ll work for all my future kids too!
I even bought a cute market tote that can be used for anything (I plan to keep mine in the car) and got “Jenson” put on it.

Then I also bought labels for clothes and other things that just say "Property of the Jenson Family."

But I wanted personalized things with the baby’s actual name. I had spotted these before and then saw them again at Abigail’s party on Emme’s cup.

You can put them on bottles, cups, thermos’s, anything and they help identify your child’s things quickly.

I knew with so many of my friends having babies, that there would be a lot of cups hanging out at any given time, that I needed to quickly be able to tell if my child had the right cup or someone else’s.
In This Post:
Baba minilabels; pack of 5 for $25

Mint Julep Monograms; Burp cloths and Market Tote

TexMark; Clothing Iron-on Tags; 100 for $10

Also available: Inchbug Orbit Labels for bottles; 4 for $12.95

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