Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MakeShift Hutch

I’m so excited to share this project. I’m in love with the results.
In the dining room, I have a little buffet that I got from Target in 2006. I used this buffet in the living room of my condo to store some of my serving pieces I didn’t have room for in the kitchen.
Moving into the bigger house, I could use the buffet in the actual dining room. The scale was small, but I hung pictures on the wall above it to bring your eye up.

I have stared at this set-up for two and a half years and finally decided to change it up. I wanted to find a hutch to put on top of the buffet. I don’t have any Wedding China to display, but I knew if I had a hutch, I could find something to put in it. Finding a hutch to fit would be the hard part.
Since the hutch was a hard to find size, I came up with the idea of making the illusion that there was a hutch. I’d hang up shelves on the wall that would serve the same purpose a hutch would.
I drew out the plan and played around with it.

I had extra picture frames I figured I could use in the display. They were all different colors and shapes, so I spray painted them white.

We didn’t have a wedding registry, so we don’t have fancy China. I didn’t see a need for it, other than to display it. So, for the display, I went to Old Time Pottery and picked out some inexpensive pieces. They don’t match, but go together nicely.

I had also seen a display in the local Pottery Barn store that I really wanted to recreate.

I measured the space I had and figured I could make a three-foot wide shelf work between the windows. I found ledges at Pottery Barn that were perfect. (of course I would) I then set out to see if there were any look-a-likes for a cheaper price tag. I even looked up directions on how to make them myself. I had seen a couple DIY shelves that were perfect, but I needed a particular tool. The tool would cost more than it would if I were to just buy the shelves, so I just bought them. The cost benefit wasn’t there. If I planned to build more with this tool, I would consider it.

I started the install with the top shelf. I knew I wanted the top shelf to line up with the curtain rods on the windows.

Metal Bracket Installed First

I installed the bottom shelf next, because I knew the height I needed it at.

That left the middle shelf to install last and place perfectly between the top and bottom shelf.
Final product was the look I was going for.

I played around with the display until I was happy with it.

The ledges have lips and are designed for things to be leaning, however, the plates are so thin, I needed little bumpers to hold some of the plates in place.

These worked perfectly.
We moved the pictures that were previously there to the other side of the room. The wall was blank and the pictures worked really nice there.

I can’t believe how “Complete” the dining room feels now. It doesn’t feel bare or undone. I want to spend all my time in there now.

YAY for small things. I can see this room from anywhere in the house, and I definitely catch myself staring.
In This Post:
Holman Ledge: Pottery Barn, 3’ Ledge, Set of 3, $125.00
Plates: Old Time Pottery, $0.50 – 3.49, (Qty 7)
Wine Glass: Old Time Pottery, $1.49 (Qty 1)
Short Pillar Candle: from Mom’s stash, free
Picture Frames: from my stash
White Spray Paint: Walmart, $0.99 (Qty 2)

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