Monday, July 18, 2011

Kitchen Idea

Tell me what you think… eventually I’d really like to upgrade the counters in the kitchen. Currently they are formica. Not the prettiest pattern, but I can live with it.

I’ve juggled the idea of Soapstone, recycled material, granite, corian, Zodiaq and all the other materials that can be a considered an upgrade compared to formica. They all have their advantages. I just can’t decide on color.
I’m usually good on color choices. It comes natural to me, but this counter decision is throwing me for a loop!

Giallo Ornamental

??, but I like

?? I like the lighter shade

Juperana Delicatus

Juperana Delicatus up close
When we update the counters, we will add a backsplash. I’ve found many blacksplashes I like, but will finalize my decision when I pick out a counter.

Travertine Brick (2x4)
larger tile pieces

Frosted Glass Tile
We will also upgrade the kitchen sink and faucet with the counters

I have LOVED this apron front sink with bridge faucet since the moment I laid eyes on it. If I could write love letters to it, I would… weekly. Telling it how I can’t wait for the day that we are together at last.

Okay, really. I love the sink and faucet. It’s unique and totally me.

Undercabinet lighting will also be installed with the new counters, along with a new dishwasher.

The kitchen island will also get un upgrade. I added the peg legs to it to make it look more like a piece of furniture, but it needs more details on the front side that you see from outside the kitchen. Maybe some "real" legs added to the overhang. I could also extend the island to allow one more person to sit at the bar and have one more cabinet and drawer added. All ideas, but I like dreaming.

My favorite kitchen island
This project is not in the near future, which gives me more time to pick a counter. But what do you think? What would cohesively go with our Pine Needle green walls and our pecan colored cabinets?

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