Friday, July 29, 2011


Does your dog do this? Anderson buries himself in anything.
I was going through clothes that don’t fit anymore and made a pile. I couldn’t find Anderson. Sure enough, I call his name and he busted out of one of the piles!

Anderson snuggled himself under the laundry pile

Mr. JCrew has an ongoing battle with Anderson and blankets. Mr. JCrew requested a blanket for his birthday last year that would be all his own and he wouldn’t share with Anderson. I bought him a nice one from PB and Mr. JCrew loves to taunt Anderson with it. When he brings it out to snuggle in, Anderson gives him the puppy-dog eyes and Mr. JCrew just puts on the biggest smile and tells Anderson how comfortable it is. Boys!
I love both my snugglers. They just can’t share blankets.

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