Monday, August 1, 2011

Patchwork Camera Strap

A friend of mine has an awesome strap on her camera. I had never thought about doing it to my camera until another friend commented she was surprised I hadn’t made my own yet. She sent me a link to directions and I got out my fabric pieces.

I was trying to be neutral with my colors, and then I wanted to add a pop of color. JoAnn’s Fabric was having a sale on fabric quarters (18 x 22 inches) so that is what I got.
I took my current camera strap

and measured it. It was 1.5 inches wide.
The next part I did was cut pieces of the fabric that were 4x6 inches. I needed them at least double the width of the camera strap (1.5 inches) plus a half inch on each side. That’s 4 inches. The fabric pieces could be as long as I wanted them.

I got the fabric in the order I wanted them and started sewing them together.

I then turned over the fabric to iron down the seams.

I then took a piece of scrap iron-on adhesive and cut it to length of my patchwork strip and exactly 3 inches wide. I laid it in the middle of the fabric and ironed it on.

I then creased the edges over and then folded the fabric strip in half. I then ironed it together.

Once folded in half, it was time to sew. First seam was to close where I folded in half. Then I placed a seam symmetrically on the opposite seam, one down the middle and two more seams, for a total of five.

I decided to see how my strap turned out before I took apart my perfectly good strap. I was really nervous! I bought a leather needle for my sewing machine and then took a seam ripper to the connecting piece.

Once apart, I could insert the new strap into the leather end and sew it back together.
Ta-da! Finished piece is very unique. I will be able to instantly identify my camera if I see it laying around.

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  1. haha, i love it. you are very talented. good job. can't wait to see it. and how awesome when people are like cool camera strap where did you get it? you can say you made it. love it


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