Tuesday, August 2, 2011

37 Weeks

The normal human body temperature is 98.6F but 37C. I have 37 rose bushes in my back yard. 
At 37 weeks, I am now considered full-term. I can have baby Wilks anytime and it'd be okay. I said I was going to step up my walking routine at this time to help with progress, but we'll see if it does anything.
I've got my bags packed and the house is clean. I'm just playing the waiting game and enjoying the sleep and free time I have. :)

8-2-11 ... 37 Weeks

There must be something bees like about pregnant women. I have never been stung in my life and for the first time on July 4th weekend, I had a bee sting me... on the head. I thought it could have been a wasp I saw around the yard after I moved a bird house. I figured he had made a home in there and was mad at me. But now I don't think that was the case. Yesterday, I was being lazy and pulled out the hose to water a potted plant. I turned on the water and got stung... again... on the head. It stayed in my hair as I walked in the house. Mr. JCrew swatted it out and that's when we got a close look to see it was a bee. Turns out, the bees are everywhere and love the white Vinca I planted. I won't be going on that side of the house for a while! It took two stings for me to learn a lesson.

How Far Along?: 37 Weeks
How Big Is Baby?: the size of a Crenshaw melon
Sleep?: still good, but I'm so tired all the time now.
Food Cravings?: None.
Movement?: He's cramped! He still moves a ton but I think he's frustrated with the lack of room he has now.
Gender?: It’s a BOY!!
Belly Button?: Still an innie.
Special Moment of the week: Baby got to see two movies in one week. Captain America and Cowboys and Aliens. He liked both.
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks are a common occurrence. I’m ready for the real contractions!!
Next Doctor’s Appt?: Today
What I’m Looking Forward To This Week: Crossing off another week off the list. I'm ready!

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  1. yeah
    can't wait to meet him anytime
    hate that we didn't get to talk much on sunday
    see you tonight


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