Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top 12 Things I Want My Son to Know - #12

This is day 1 of a 12 part series (I hope!) to highlight the main things I want my son-to-be to know. Some will be silly, some will be serious. I just want to write it down for me and for him- and for your entertainment, of course.
#12 Love Your Puppies
Your puppies will become your best friends. You will have three puppies when you're born. They are all dachshunds. Dachshunds can be mean, but not yours. You only have to watch out for Anderson. Anderson is a momma's boy and I think he will be jealous of the attention I will be giving you. I've told him you will give him just as much attention as I give him when you come. Just don't pull his tail or ears. He'll let you do it, but that isn't nice.
Your puppies names are
Bailey Longfellow
Anderson LowRider
Colby Graham
Colby loves to play fetch. Throw his toys and he will go get them for you. He’s a very laid back puppy. He might be scared of you at first, but he’ll soon realize how great you are and he will be your best friend.
Bailey has bad breath, so I would stay clear of breathing the fumes. He can't help it. He's an old man. And he sneezes a lot. Unless you want to get sprayed, stay far away. Bailey can't see well or hear well. I'm sure he'll be able to hear you screaming when you begin to talk. He'll appreciate your volume and think you are being loud just so that he can hear you. How thoughtful.
Anderson will be your protector. He will never leave your side. He will hear you cry and be right there to comfort you. His comfort may be a tongue to the face, but he's a kisser and that's the way he shows affection. Don’t let him use the puppy-dog eyes on you. He’ll use them to beg you to drop food for him. Just don’t make eye-contact and it won’t affect you. Those eyes will make anyone melt and he gets his way a lot when he uses them.
Love your puppies. They are such great companions that will bring you so much joy. You’ll laugh at them and enjoy their company. They love to take naps, so I’m sure you’ll become nap buddies.

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