Tuesday, August 9, 2011

38 Weeks

Smith and Wesson makes a 0.38 Special cartridge used in revolvers. There are 38 slots on an American Roulette wheel. There are 38 surviving plays written by William Shakespeare.
We've made it to 38 weeks. Baby boy is comfortable and staying put. He's really not comfortable in there, but he's not ready to make his entrance into the real world. Mr. JCrew and I are both ready! I'm glad I haven't started my maternity leave yet. If I didn't have work to distract me, I'd be really impatient at home waiting for him to make his move.

I definitely feel like I'm getting bigger. I guess he's adding on the last pound or two. His movement hasn't really slowed down, but it's different than before. He's finding different places to poke his feet and hands.

It's so hard to believe I am two weeks away (hopefully!)

8-9-11 ... 38 Weeks
 How Far Along?: 38 Weeks
How Big Is Baby?: the size of a watermelon!
Sleep?: all I want to do is sleep!
Food Cravings?: none.
Movement?: he likes to stretch my stomach in odd ways to make himself room.
Gender?: It’s a BOY!!
Belly Button?: Still an innie.
Special Moment of the week: Realizing it's August!
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks are still common, but I'm noticing them getting stronger.
Next Doctor’s Appt?: Tomorrow
What I’m Looking Forward To This Week: some kind of progress!

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