Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Month

It's hard to believe Wilks is one month as of yesterday. Time has flown by.

He's surpassed being a sleepy newborn all the time... He wants to be entertained. Exercising his legs and arms as you sing is good enough for him. He flails those arms and legs and hits himself quite a bit.

His feeding schedule is getting better, with less cluster feedings. He does AWESOME at night but we were having to work on his day schedule.

He's done a lot for a 4-week-old. We've gone on many outings around town. He's watched his daddy play several soccer games and even went to his first high school football game. He behaved so well!

Life around our house is interesting. I'm so use to getting things started and completed. Little man likes to interrupt. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love him so much.

He's very close to talking and smiling back at me. I talk to him and he stares. A couple times he has attempted to smile and say something. I can't wait for the day he starts reacting to me and Mr. JCrew.

3 weeks

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