Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Taking In the Moments

It is my last week staying at home with Little JCrew. I have had so much fun being with him every minute of the day. I'm excited to go back to work (kind of) but I'm going to miss the babe so much!

In the last eight weeks he has changed so much. He is a ham! He smiles for every stranger he meets. And his cooo's are so sweet to listen to. He really is a sweet boy! And I can definitely admit to him being a daddy's boy. He lights up when Mr. JCrew talks to him. I honestly thought I would have a mommy's boy for the first year and then he'd be all about his daddy after that. But it looks like he is in love with his daddy already. I love to see the two of them together. Mr. JCrew has become the best dad to our little guy.

When I weighed him this morning, he was 13 pounds! I'm glad to know he's getting all his nutrients. He eats about every three hours, day and night. He hasn't slept through the night (6 hours or more) yet, but he will get there in his own time. I've gotten use to it. I'm not worried about going back to work on little sleep because I've essentially already been working this whole time. The only difference will be that I am actually at work. He stays up a lot during the day now and he is so much fun to interact with. Right now I'm cherishing the nightly feedings as a time to bond. Once he starts sleeping through the night, he and I won't have that time to cuddle with just each other.

Little JCrew loves to sit and he loves to stand. While I was on a conference call yesterday, all he wanted to do was have me help him stand. It is so cute to see how happy he is while standing. And he likes to sit like a big boy. He's started to bat at hanging toys.

I'm excited to be picking up my maternity pictures today. I have ONE blank wall left in my house (in the master bedroom) and planned to make a collage with the pictures. I plan to mix in two pictures of Wilks into the collage that I will change periodically. Hopefully I'll tackle that project today/tomorrow and have a post for you soon.

Happy Wednesday to you all, and Happy Eight Weeks to my little guy.

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