Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Parties

The month of December flies by too quick. My memories of Nutcracker practices and performances take up a lot of what I remember about December. I use to wonder what it would be like without Nutcracker, but then couldn’t imagine what it would be without it. My identity was wrapped around Nutcracker. I loved it.
Here we are in the middle of December already, and I don’t have Nutcracker too blame. The first weekend of December, we had Rob’s work party.

This past weekend we had my work party (which I declined), a birthday party for Rob’s niece and a friend’s Christmas party. I also had a cookie swap on Sunday.

 I loved seeing all my friends during the weekend. I feel like we’ve not seen them as much as we use to since Little JCrew came along. But I’m making more of an effort now to get out there and back in touch with my lovely friends!!!

This past week, I also got some great news. A good and dear friend in Hunstville is expecting! I could not be more thrilled!!!! She did so much for me during my pregnancy and has always been there for me, that I am so excited to be there for her! Plus, I just love babies!!!

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