Friday, February 3, 2012

Hanging Out to Dry

Oh, WOW! I am so sorry to have left you guys hanging for so long. It's been a whirlwind of a month and January is gone!

Let me catch you up.

We had a wonderful Christmas!

Little JCrew actually pulled at the paper on his presents.

He was a big helper in baking a cake with me.

At his four month doctor's appointment, we were given the go-ahead to give him food. He eats bananas, cereal, carrots, pears, cantelope, strawberries and loves peas! But his overall favorite is bread! Now that he knows we are eating, he gives us the puppy eyes to say, "Please share." And how can we not!?!

The kid found his feet and he helps us with his diaper changes. When he is sitting up, he reaches down to touch those toes.

The kid is a ham and laughs all the time. Anderson can sleep on the couch and Little JCrew busts out the giggles! Nothing sweeter than belly laughs. :)

We celebrated Aunt Kendal's birthday by sending her a picture card.
This was at 21 weeks and Little JCrew was able to sit on his own. However, we had a couple bloopers.

Oops! Down we go. I'm sorry to laugh at my baby, but it was cute. He now catches himself before falling, which is making rolling over not as fun anymore. Before he knew how to catch himself, he rolled over a lot. Now he knows how to prevent the rolling.

And here we are at present day. Nothing gets by this boy. He is aware of EVERYTHING! He reaches for it all and studies intently. It is such a fun age, and I know it gets better; but nothing is better than this right now!

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