Friday, June 15, 2012

The Beach In Pictures

Last weekend we were at the beach. Through the rain we were able to sneak out to the water. Little JCrew was in awe of the waves and sand. Can't wait to take him back!

The sun's not so bright.

We had some great cuddle time.

We watched Daddy play soccer on the beach

We felt the sand between our toes.

Lick the spoon clean ... err, shovel. Hey, that's not sugar!

Jellyfish were everywhere.

But it sure was beautiful.

My buddy.
Hold on tight!

Mommy and Little JCrew

Family Picture

Crayons for dinner!

Helping Daddy shovel sand.

Trying to build my own castle.

Baby feet!

Listening to Daddy.

Crawling in the water.

Wet sand is different.

I love how he holds onto us.

Playing in the sand with Mommy.

Going for deeper water.

Nevermind. Didn't want to go that far.

Daddy and Little JCrew under the palm trees.

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