Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Boys and Messes

I've learned a lot being married and living with the man. One of those things is how to let go and not make a big deal out of small stuff.

I can be so picky and anal that I think I annoy myself! Mr. JCrew puts up with my silly butt. In my mind, if I don't tackle something right that minute, it will be forgotten. And if it's forgotten, it can be disastrous! Haha!

For instance, this morning I found little handprints on a wall. Greasy handprints. At first I thought they were Little JCrew's but then realized they were too high to be his. I got out the cleaner and started wiping. I was on my way out the door for work, but had to clean first!

Had it been Mr. JCrew that saw these prints, he would have left them. Honestly, he probably would have never seen them, EVER! That's why I think this picture is funny!

I walk into the breakroom at work and see this...

Papertowels on the floor where someone dropped ice from the ice machine and they melted.

I've walked into the house and seen a random papertowel in the middle of the floor numerous times.

Sometimes I laugh, but I wonder why it is just sitting there. Usually it was because the little one spit up or spilt something and Mr. JCrew didn't have time to pick it up; but he at least marked the spot.

I just don't know what my co-worker's excuse was for this. I clean up the towels and the mess left behind; after I went back to my desk to get the camera!

It definitely gave me a good laugh!! Made me feel at home!

- Lindsay

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