Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thrifty Project #6

I’m so sorry to keep putting off my mystery pallet/wood project reveal, but I’ll give you a hint… it won’t be called a Thrifty Project #7! Although it was thrifty in its own way, it cost more money than my definition of thrifty.

Before I reveal the pallet/wood project, I have to reveal the project I did after it. The pallet/wood project has been sitting done for a while, but I wanted to reveal it in perfect conditions so you wouldn’t have a biased opinion based on something else that was unfinished. Get what I mean?

So, Thrifty Project #6 had to get done. When we found out we were expecting another Little JCrew, we immediately planned out the sleeping arrangements. Little JCrew #1 is not yet big enough to transition to a toddler bed, and I don’t think he’d be ready by the time the baby is born, so he will stay in his crib in his room. We will turn the bedroom across from his into baby #2’s room. This room is already a green color and has furniture and a bed in it. All that needed to be added was a crib.

Mr. JCrew’s sister lovingly offered to give us her son’s old crib. She was embarrassed of the condition, but it was not unusable. She insisted I could do whatever I wanted to it. I told her I thought about refinishing it, but once I saw it, I didn’t want to. The color of the stain matched the furniture in that room exactly!! I was shocked.

 I’m not big on making a nursery too much like a nursery, but I do feel that some part of it should be dedicated to baby. My vision for this baby’s room has been obvious from the beginning; I wanted a gray crib. The only part, is I was not looking forward to refinishing a crib with so many slats and details!

I sanded the crib down. Such a painful step, but necessary!

Then I primed the crib. I had read how important this step was, so I made sure to include it.

I went with a tinted primer to help the coat of paint go on in just one coat. The primer dries in a couple hours, but the key is to let it cure for three days. I sat as patiently as I could before I was able to start painting. It was torture!!

Painting time! Picking out the right shade of gray was overwhelming!  Gray’s come in all shades; brown, blue, green, purple. Color choices are not simple, and I’m a picky color person. 

I thought it was funny when I asked Mr. JCrew’s opinion on the original color of the crib. I knew it didn’t match the color scheme of my pallet/wood project and that would mean I would have to change the finish of the crib for sure, but I was getting a second opinion. His thought: “It doesn’t match, but it’s all wood, so it doesn’t matter. You can leave it how it is.” HA! He was right that it doesn’t match, but we can’t leave it like that! True, the crib is a temporary piece of furniture, but I will have to look at it every day for a year or two, and the non-matching wood would drive me nuts! 

I am so happy with the paint color! It’s exactly my vision. 

Sorry the crib picture had to be taken at such a weird spot in the room. This is not where the crib is suppose to be, but I couldn’t’ reveal the secret project just yet!

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  1. looks great. i think i have an idea about your secret project but won't say anything to reveal it until you post pics. excited to see whatever it is.


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