Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby B at 24 Weeks

Had a doc's appointment at 24 weeks and all is on track. It was a crappy day all together, that started with expired juice, but it was a day to check in on baby.

I think I have definitely popped this week and am feeling more pregnant. The energy bursts have disappeared, but the to-do lists are still there. I didn't want to go to the pool at all this week. The thought of putting Little JCrew in a swimsuit and all that goes along with the pool exhausted me!

Before I go to the next appointment, I get to take my glucose test. Fun! At least I don't have to drink the orange stuff, but I will have a sugar high!

Baby B, is growing fast! He made me put on a lot of weight since the last appointment. I've now caught up to where I was at this time with Baby J. Baby B likes to kick Little JCrew when he lays on me. It's cute.

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