Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tree Down

I know everyone has heard of or felt the heat that is hitting us. It's done a number on everyone's grass and the plants are starting to suffer. I just wish we had rain!

Neighbor's dry patch

Even with daily watering of just my daylilies, they are not tolerating the constant sun.

They'll bounce back, but my October Glory Maple Tree won't.

October Glory Maple

A couple weeks back, I noticed my Maples in the front looking bare. The leaves were green, but they weren't thick. I gave them fertilizer and one started sprouting new leaves.

Then I noticed a neighbor pull one of their Maple trees out of the ground. She said it had a disease. Then the other neighbor said hers had a disease too, which prompted me to go look at mine.

That's when I noticed this:

It wasn't this bad at first, but the last two/three weeks have gotten bad. I finally took pictures to show my local nursery (I love CatBird Seat. Cory is very intelligent and has helped me with EVERYTHING!) He mentioned my tree was not salvagable. It was a goner! Not what I was looking to hear. He said if I had caught it in time, I could use the same bug drench that I used on my crepe myrtles every year and that would have saved the tree. That's right! The damage was caused by a bug! Because of the lack of rain we've had this year, my tree was susceptible to a bug making it its home.

My guess, is it was THIS bug:

Just a guess.

Cory told me I could buy a whole new big tree to replace it (which was kind of what I wanted to do) but he said if I was patient, I could re-grow the tree. Just cut it down to leave two inches of trunk, cover it with mulch and watch it grow. Because the root system is established and not damaged, the tree will grow like a weed and come back to three feet tall by the Fall.

So, I used my dad's reciprocating saw to tackle the job.

And down the tree went!

I'm sad to had to have done this, but I rather go ahead and get a healthy new tree started. I'm up for the challenge!! I'll definitely keep you posted on the growth of the new tree. I'm excited to not to have had to spend any money and the tree came down easily!! All I could think about was having to use a truck and chain to pull the whole tree out of the ground.

No More Tree

Now once the tree starts coming back, it will be a tedious job to keep on top of it. I can't just let it grow back. I'll have to "trim" it like I trained the crepe myrtles. There will be several "Shoots" that come up, and I'll have to pick the best two. Then in the Spring, I will select just one to be the trunk of the tree. Oh, fun!

Here's hoping the Fall brings a new baby tree!

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