Monday, July 9, 2012

Drummer Boy

This is a week of videos. My, how life has changed!

I could sit and watch kids play all day. They do the silliest things. And these things may not have been categorized as silly to me a year ago.

Little JCrew has always loved music, but now he has created his own dance moves. They are not your typical dance moves, but we recognize them. It involves some flapping of the arms... no, not the Chicken Dance!

Little JCrew started off with the tupperware drumming, but then Daddy took it and started drumming so the boy could dance.

This was Video 2 of 4 that capture the drumming session. I think I just need to keep a camera rolling at all times.

And I must point out the kid's awesome turnout!! When he pulls up onto the fridge, he is in a perfect second-position releve'! I don't think he'll be a dancer, but I'm sure there will be dancer's wishing they had the natural ability.

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