Monday, July 23, 2012

Pottery Barn Has Done It Again!

Sure enough, as soon as I have created something that I couldn't find for my nursery, Pottery Barn has come out with something similar.

I am in love with the crib! I don't mind the white color, but I am in love with the lines. It's just beautiful.

And let's talk the bedding. It's grey and white with elephants!!! Oh, and I love the crib skirt!!

Not only did they come out with a grey and white elephant design, but there are some more out there.

This one is a cute girl design called "Georgia." It's cute, but I'm loving the elephant rocker and toys.

I love this one because it's a different take on the monkey theme. And the colors are pretty. I also like the idea of putting a shelf really high!

Giving me more ideas. I love it all. Good job, Pottery Barn. I was getting tired of what you had available, but then you came out with some new stuff. Sorry I won't be buying it, but glad you've made some changes.

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