Friday, August 17, 2012

Baby B at 31 Weeks

Good morning!

Feeling 30 isn't so bad. Baby B and I are both in our thirties.

Nothing new to report over here. I go to the doctor next week and then I start my bi-monthly appointments. That's an exciting realization that the time is getting near.

It's so funny the little things you notice that change. With this pregnancy, I have curly hair. Even after attempting to use a straightener, there are always crimps in my hair. I don't mind curly, but I'd like to be able to have all my hair straight if I want it to be.

One thing I realized yesterday I have to change is not wearing such high heels! I wore them with Little JCrew and I have with this one, but the heels I wore yesterday were way too high! I felt like I looked like a person that had never worn heels before. My posture was adjusting for the belly in front. I'm sure I looked funny!
Braxton Hicks are a regular occurance. I like having them, and can't wait for the real contractions, but at the same time, I know having Baby B this early wouldn't be best. Come on October!!

Little JCrew loves his oatmeal, but I think he purposefully likes to put it in his hair, because he know I will give him a bath. So, that's what he did this morning.

He loves his bath time.

Happy Friday!

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