Saturday, August 18, 2012

Little JCrew is On The Move!

We are so excited!!!

Little JCrew took his first step a day before he turned eleven months. We knew walking would be around the corner. He walked holding our one hand really well, but him actually WANTING to take multiple steps by himself was on the back burner.

He haven't pushed him to walk, and wanted it to be on his own time. But everytime he made an attempt we praised him.

On my birthday he stood for a while and then took ten steps to Mr. JCrew. Poor Mr. JCrew didn't see it til Little JCrew was right in front of him. When I showed him where he started, he was amazed.

Since then, he has taken steps but most of the time he figures crawling is faster. I never thought I'd catch in on tape!! But I did!


Yes, we bribed with Goldfish.

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