Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Roses Are Sick

I've got the itch to work in my yard again and it feels great!

I have always loved working in the yard. As a little girl, my mom made a flowerbed for me to pick what plants I wanted in there and take care of. I also really enjoyed mowing the yard and trimming the bushes. I was all about curb appeal!!

So, when we bought our house, I was already brainstorming ideas for the yard. I came up with a three year plan. The first year focused on trees and laying out flowerbeds. The second year was for filling in the beds with shrubs, and the third year was more shrubs and possibly shade plants that would go underneath the trees.

It's been three and a half years, and I was slowing down. The yard has become more about maintenance. That's not a bad thing! I get to enjoy it now. I got to help design my parents' yard once their house was built, and that was fun! I didn't have to do the hard work of planting either!

But back to my itch... I had read in the neighborhood newsletter about a rose disease that was affecting some of the neighborhood roses. The attached picture was too familiar. My hill of roses were infected!!

Here is a picture from this Spring.

Looks beautiful.

Now this summer.

Still looks good. But, let's go in closer.

Now closer.


It's red like new growth until you see the odd clusters and the ugly spikes.

Eventually this will take over the whole bush and kill it. We have one bush that has already been taken over.

It can be spread from bush to bush by the shears used. Had I known this, I could have prevented the disease affecting my whole clan of rose bushes. Luckily, not all of my roses have it; just the ones on the hill.

The sad part is that I can't plant roses in that spot for 5-7 years!! So, that's when I got excited to start fresh with a new bed creation. I haven't finalized the plant selection, but I'm excited to have a large bed to work with and add a different variety of plants. Hard part is selecting plants that love the sun, becuase that spot gets a lot. But there are lots of options.

Slowly but surely, we'll be pulling up the rose bushes soon. Then my awesome hubby will help with the new plants, because I don't know if this lady with the belly will be able to do all that her brain thinks she can!

I will miss my rose bushes! It was a sad realization.

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