Thursday, November 29, 2012


I might be living on the dangerous side, but I let the boys play with paint yesterday.

Last year when we were down in Florida, Little JCrew made paintings with Olivia the chicken and also make handprints/footprints on ornaments. I bought ornaments for Baby B to make his own this year. We only got to do the feet. He wouldn't cooperate and open his hands.

I had also bought these really cool flat canvas pieces to make art with the boys. Little JCrew dove right in and loved it.

I had each color on a separate plate with a separate brush. He really liked the blue.

I handed him the orange, and he messed with it a few minutes before pushing it away.
I dipped his foot in orange and made him stand on his artwork. That was the only way he though orange was cool.

The green was a second favorite. He liked mixing the green and blue.

I really enjoyed watching him make his artwork. He made two pieces. His artwork might be making it into a Christmas present or two.

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