Friday, November 30, 2012

A Special Visitor

We've always known that we have extra creatures that have claimed our backyard their home. All kinds of birds and spiders; and we've only seen evidence that there must be bunnies in the yard. The bunnies (with assistance from Anderson) like to take down the rubber lining at the bottom of the fence. I've thought I've seen a bunny exit our yard and the dogs certainly think they trap bunnies in the Parsoni Juniper at times.

This morning, I flipped on the light on the back porch to let the dogs out and saw it. Our favorite visitor of all time. THE BUNNY!

I froze! He froze! I wanted someone to see him besides me! Luckily, Mr. JCrew was coming around the corner. I was walking in circles trying to remember where my closest camera/phone was. My camera was on the desk in the kitchen. I quickly grabbed it and forgot to adjust settings. I think the picture turned out pretty good. He stayed there for five seconds and then took off in the direction of Little JCrew's house.

Now the dogs are going nuts. They caught a sniff and all they want to do is go outside and "make friends."

I don't trust our dogs. They are badger hunters. And our dachshunds growing up loved to nip at our pet bunnies. They are natural enemies.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!!

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