Saturday, November 24, 2012

This kid loves to dance

Little JCrew is starting to dance more. I honestly thought he'd be dancing before he walked, since both Mr. JCrew and I have rhythm, and his Poppi is a drummer. But, he was late to the party.

Now when he hears songs, he starts nodding his head to the beat. And he turns any and all things into drum sticks. Give him a pot lid and he goes to town. (Looking for a cheap drumset now ;) )

When Little JCrew was little, Mr. JCrew use to beatbox rhythm and move Little JCrew's body to the beat.

The cutest thing now is when Mr. JCrew starts doing those same beats, Little JCrew starts dancing. His moves are unique!

This last time he did it, he had to move front and center in the living room.

Oh dear! He's at such a fun age now.

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