Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Cards Are Rollin' In

Keep those cards comin' !!

I had to add more ribbon to my cabinets. I just love getting Christmas cards. We even got a cute newsletter this year. It had a crossword puzzle on it to make things interesting. (Mr. JCrew gave up on reading it because it made things a little confusing.)

I can't believe how big kids have gotten. The little babies that were born when we joined our Sunday School are almost 4! And they are such handsome kids.

We even got a card from Little JCrew's California girlfriend (Piper.) She has a sister due in Jan/Feb so she will be Baby B's California girlfriend. (We actually don't promote girlfriends, but it is fun to say.)

To all our friends, keep those cards comin. We love seeing the mailbox full of personal handwriting instead of bills.

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