Monday, December 17, 2012

What a Crock Pot Recipe Should Be

Last week I complained about a bad slow cooker cookbook that required you cook everything before you put it in the crock pot. That is not my idea of a "fix it and forget it" meal.

This week I made another recipe with my crockpot. All I had to do was dump all the ingredients in, and cook it on low for four hours.

I know this isn't an appetizing picture, but it's a picture of simplicity! All I have to do is cook the pasta separately and serve it over the pasta.

I will say, I love when the recipe has the pasta cooking in the crock pot too.

I love my crock pot! It's hard to put together a meal that is home-made after working a full day and playing with your kids. But a meal out of the crock pot makes me feel like I cooked a meal and it saves me time!

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