Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Cards

I LOVE this time of year. I have so many good memories that revolve around December. Nutcracker, family, time off, cuddling in blankets and Christmas Nouggets. Little Debbie Christmas Trees tie with the Little Debbie Easter Puffs for my all-time favorite cake. 

Oh, and don’t forget the cookie exchanges! December is a month of sugar!

Best time of the year when it comes to mail, is right now!  I stalk the mail lady and rush the mailbox for holiday card goodness on a daily basis.  Something so special about opening the mailbox to find the grinning faces of those we love. 

I was actually getting nervous that there was some world-wide Christmas Card ban this year because I didn’t receive a card the day after Thanksgiving or on the first day of December. Did I not get the memo that no one was doing cards in 2012? I kept telling myself that Thanksgiving was early and people might be waiting on the deals the online publishers do in the middle of the month.
I honestly thought my cards were going to go out so late! Last year we did our first picture card. I personally thought it was too silly to do a photo card when it was just Mr. JCrew and I. It’s not like we’re starving for attention and need to put our faces out there. But with our first born, we posed him with a reindeer toy from my childhood and made a card.  It wasn’t the best photo, but it worked. We were in a hurry. Last minute decisions…

This year’s card serves as a three-in-one card! We didn’t do birth announcements when Little JCrew was born, and since Baby B is our last known baby, we decided to make the Christmas card also serve as a birth announcement for Little JCrew and Baby B. The back of the card has two pictures with the boys’ birth information on it. That way the people that like to compare, can. 

We’ve got our kitchen cabinets ready for your cards and I’m greeting the mail lady every day! 

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