Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Our Christmas was a special day full of family time. We didn't wake up any earlier than normal... 5:30 on the nose.

We all ate breakfast and fed the little one. Then Mr. JCrew was eager to get Little JCrew unwrapping his gifts.

First up was his gift from his Aunt Logan. He loved it!

It was a fire station. It had a slide for the fire truck to go down, and Little JCrew gave his best attempt to try the slide out. Wish I had caught that on camera!

Baby B had fun watching. Funny story about his outfit... My kids are the Kings of Blowouts! We had just gotten inside Target and were looking around when Baby B started grunting. He was working on that poop! After giving him time to finish, I checked and of course it was up his back. We forget that we packed an extra outfit and go heading to the baby department to buy an outfit. We checkout and go into the bathroom to change. All clean and ready to keep shopping! We get out to the car, and THEN I remember the extra outfit. Oh well. I think it's cute and festive!

Little JCrew and Mr. JCrew had fun getting the toys out of their packaging. They are making it tougher!

I got the boys together to pose.

Little JCrew was pre-occupied by the talking fire truck.

Aunt Kerry sent a Spy-Glass that had a map and bandana.

We showed him how to look in it, but he put it up to his mouth like a trumpet (Mimi recently taught him how.)

Baby B kept chilling and watching. Here he is with his gift from Aunt Kerry and Aunt Kendal.

Since I made the train table this year as a present for the boys, I re-gifted a gift I gave Little JCrew last year to go with it. We actually never opened it last year.

Now he had trains to go on his table. And Mr. JCrew and I set it up. Now I just need to paint those rivers, roads and trees! (Oh, and Mr. JCrew's waterfall.)

The last gift was for Little JCrew from Baby B. It's a guitar that can also be a piano. He loved it!

We got that on sale and were thrilled with the price for all that it does!

When it came to stockings, we were simple. Little JCrew was gifted these Sesame Street books and his favorite of all time is 'Bubbles, Bubbles.' That was his favorite word for a while. We were in the dollar section at Target collecting stocking stuffers and we saw more of these Sesame Street books for $1. We grabbed him a couple.

He also got a dino puzzle and a slinky!

The slinky was a hit! We tested it down the stairs.

After nap time, we headed off to the Grandparents' house. The cousins were already over there.

Little JCrew went straight for their toy drawer in the kitchen.

The cousins got a puppy from Santa this year. He wanted to join the kids playing.

Baby B enjoyed napping in everyone's laps. He's such a cuddle-bug!

While we were waiting on Aunt Kelsey to show, the kids just played with each other.

Mr. JCrew was playing with Cole and his spinning Light Sabres. Little JCrew was worried Cole was pounding on his daddy.

Then he was handed his turn at sparring with Cole.

Finally it was time to open gifts. Little JCrew got a cool learning cash register and a tiny set of drums.

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed your time with family. We feel very blessed to have been able to spend time with our families and reflect on how lucky we are. May we never forget.

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  1. love the pic of w holding the light saber. so cute. he looks like little yoda :)


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