Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Birthday Cake

Last year Little JCrew helped me make a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve.


This year, Baby B helped Little JCrew and me.

The baby was actually begging to go to sleep, so we took the pictures and laid him down.

Little JCrew helped by taste-testing the dry ingredients. Thankfully, it was before we added the oil and eggs. (He thought I wasn't looking!)
Once the cake was cooled, we decorated the cake.

This is the part I can't wait to do with the boys when they get older. I know they'll love it!
I love the picture above. It makes me think Little JCrew is saying, "This is for You!"

And, of course, there were fingers poked into the cake.
The boys didn't have any cake yesterday, but I sure did! I had to have a piece to help celebrate!

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