Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

We started a new tradition last year of going to my parents' house Christmas Eve morning and having breakfast while exchanging gifts. I love it. Little JCrew wore a mistletoe headband the wrong way this morning.

This year, the Eve fell on a Monday and I had to work. Luckily, I got told on Friday I could work from home. So, our tradition continued! Even the dogs participate.

Little JCrew had a homemade waffle for breakfast at 530AM. He couldn't wait. By the time we got to his Mimi and Poppi's house, you would have thought he had syrup on that waffle! He was just talking and running everywhere.


2012 - Boys watching Veggie Tales
 Last year, Little JCrew tore the paper off his gifts. This year he did that and actually looked at and played with his gifts.

Who might you be? Little JCrew's animal is alligator, so he got a Jellycat gator. Baby B got a Jellycat elephant. Each came with a coordinating book. Our favorite!

This year, there was a special gift. You know those gifts that can be the only thing given and that would be fine? My dad was a drummer back in the day. We've noticed Little JCrew's nature tendency to drum on things (pot lids, tables, etc.) So, what does my dad do? He bought Little JCrew a real snare drum!

It couldn't be kid size; that just wouldn't do. The kid has a real snare and junior size drum sticks.

Usually, the gift-giver gives a gift that makes a lot of noise and the parents are "THRILLED" to have a noise-maker in their house. I wouldn't mind this at all, but the grandparents requested it stay at their house so Poppi can teach the boy how to drum. I have no problem with that at all. It will eventually come back to our house, but he'll get his lessons from the best!

It was really so cute to see Little JCrew light up. He absolutely loved it! We were all grinning ear to ear.

Baby B didn't get left out of the festivities, but he begged for a nap, so I let him. Next year will be a fun year.

For my parents gift, we wrapped it in a prank box.

Mom had seen the box before, so she knew it was a gag. Dad was trying to figure it out, but said he didn't want to use the Pet Petter because he liked petting the animals himself.

Next up on our Christmas Eve agenda... baking Jesus a birthday cake. We started that last year with Little JCrew and plan to do it each year. I'm just waiting on my boys (the babes and Mr. JCrew) to wake up from their naps so we can get started!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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  1. we love jelly cats. sawyer has the same gator (the bigger one thought) he calls him chomps and autumn got the purple mouse. her name is ally mouse. my sister got the blue frog. (at least i think it's a frog) they are great.


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