Monday, December 10, 2012

I Get Excited About Organization!

I think the nesting bug hit me AFTER my baby was born. I nested a little bit before Baby B came, but as my maternity leave was nearing the end, a state of panic came over me that I would not have time or energy to keep on top of things like I once could. The less stuff I had in the house, the less I have to keep up with.

I think I made five trips to the thrift store with donations. It felt good to donate and it felt good to get it out of my house! It was my goal to make everything in the house have a “home.” Next step was to teach Mr. JCrew where everything’s “home” was. :)

Baby B’s closet served as a home for my maternity clothes while I was pregnant. Since I knew this was my last pregnancy, I was more than eager to get those items out first! His closet was also a misc closet for things that didn’t have a home; or the space that I did have for those type of things had become too small. That meant my collection of certain items had grown and outgrew their space. Being a Costco member is great, but it means you have toilet paper and paper towels growing out your ears! They were taking up valuable real estate and needed a new home. 

My mom was a fresh pair of eyes that pointed out I had room to add more shelves in my laundry room. Perfect place to put the toilet paper and paper towels!

I then could move all my paperwork, craft supplies and decorations into one location… and all together. Now that I know where my decorations are and they are easy to get to, I might actually start being festive around the house!

Baby B will one day need more room in his closet and I’m glad I cleared out the space now.
Oh, the joys of being an organization freak! It gives me such a high and has many benefits. I laugh at how relieved I feel now. Life is good and I can be much more productive now that my house is in order! 

(Mr. JCrew is laughing at me as he reads this; but he loves my quirky ways! – And he’s happy I can find his car title in 2.5 seconds! Boo-yah!)

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