Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kid Things Everywhere

I am such a Type-A momma. I never thought my house would be taken over by kid toys.

Before Little JCrew was born, we had toys concealed in baskets in the living room and his bedroom. You couldn't tell toys were there. But as Little JCrew got older, we realized there are some toys that need to stay accessible.

The jumper-roo, as we call it, stays in the kitchen. We got to temporarily put it up but Baby B is almost at that age to play. So, it's back!

The boys have their own dining table in the dining room. Little JCrew loves this table and reads his book and eats his snacks here.

There is also a kitchen in our dining room. This is where all the great meals are prepared! Last night we had stew; with every food as an ingredient.

This is where Little JCrew parks his car. He had to relocate after his table took his old parking spot.

And this is the stroller's parking spot.

This little house is wedged against the wall, but Little JCrew loves to squeeze back there and play. He can move it, but he doesn't.

The living room has our wagon as a toy basket right now. It also helps block the fireplace. When Spring comes, we'll find another solution for toys, because I want to use the wagon on walks.

Currently, this corner has our small Christmas tree and the presents. It usually has the chair you see and the gym floor mat. The mat still squeezes in over there, but it keeps getting dragged over to make a fort.

One day I'll have my house back, but I like seeing all the toys. I know my kids are happy and wouldn't want it any other way. They'd be rather bored in a clean house.

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