Friday, December 28, 2012

Rainy Day Entertainment

What to do on a cold and rainy day?

Mr. JCrew is good about getting us out and about. He's always taking Little JCrew to the park in the neighborhood or going on walks.

With the weather being nasty, we can't stay outside. So, we've been hitting up the stores!
Today we went to the mall. Little JCrew wanted to be helpful.

It was so sweet! We started yelling, "Go, go, go!" And he started yelling it too. We're going to count that as his first repeated word. He never repeats what we say, but "Go" is one he's done before.

Baby B enjoyed the crazy driving his brother was doing. It gave him lots of things to see.

The boys really do love each other. Little JCrew is always going out of his way to say, "hi!"

I love my life! Hanging out with kids is really the best!

- Lindsay

1 comment:

  1. The weather really has been horrible, hasn't it?! We have had to get out and about too...there is only so much playing at home we can do, even if we have new Christmas toys!!


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