Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 16-Month Old Knows About Pumping!

I shouldn't be surprised, but I am!

I breastfed Little JCrew until he was 12 months and would to have loved to go longer, but his little brother came along and I had to wean him.

I have a pump to take with me to work, but for some reason I have an oversupply, so I have to pump on my days at home once too.

So, this morning, Little JCrew is begging to play with one of my grown-up toys and I hand him assembled parts of my pump to distract him for two seconds. I then watch him grab the part, lift up his shirt and put the part on his body!

I laughed and said, "Good Job" and then realized he's a sponge! I can't do anything and think he doesn't understand. Clearly, he does!

I'm so proud of him for learning things, but I won't be handing him pump parts again.

Aigh! It's funny and wrong all at the same time.

- Lindsay

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