Monday, January 14, 2013

A Cross Wreath

The last two years I have admired two houses’ Christmas decorations in my neighborhood. They both have crosses and I am eager to make my own for our house. One is a wreath on the front door. The other is a giant six or seven foot cross they have in their flowerbed.

No, that is not one I made. One house has the same wreath in the shape of a cross on their front door. I’ve wondered where they got it, but always thought I could just make my own. So, I put it on my project list to do before Thanksgiving of 2013.

I got a little giddy when I saw my neighbor put their cross wreath out for the trash last week. I wanted to snatch it up to see how it was made. Yet, when I saw it in the trash pile, there was a car in the driveway leaving. I then enlisted the help of my dad. I asked him if he’d ask the neighbor if I could have it to see how it was made. He succeeded and it found its way to my house.

Back of the Wreath

Back of the Wreath

 Now, I originally thought it was a beautifully done FAKE wreath. But when I thought about it being in the trash, I knew it was probably being thrown away because it was real and dying. Shucks!


I took pictures of how it was made. This was not done as a DIY project. Unless they have a business in metal. The framework was two feet wide by three feet tall. It had metal “straps” that kept the pine all together and in that shape.  Look at all the pine pieces!

After I took research pictures and measurements, I hung it on my door to see if the current size was good for my house (since this came from a house three times the size of mine.) 

I love it! I text the picture to my mom and she laughed. Hey! It’s not brown yet, so I’ve been enjoying it for a week. 

Big enough to see from the street

Now to figure out if I’m really going to turn this into a DIY project or ask the neighbor where they got it. I’m sure it’s not cheap.

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  1. Though the metal straps were not that visible, I think you could’ve painted them with green or brown to blend them with the wreath. Though I guess that's too much work. Metal strapping are almost everywhere because of its wide usability. However, you must be careful when using one, for it can hurt you in the process.

    -Carl Patten


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