Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I just wanted to type those words! HA.

My Christmas gift this year was a new light fixture. Mr. JCrew was standing right beside me as I picked it out, he paid for it and then we had it wrapped at the store! We even ran into friends while waiting on the wrapping, so it wasn’t like it was a quick trip he could forget. Yet, he did. When I opened my gift, he said, “Cool, you got a lampshade.” I then explained it was the light too, and he gave a weird look. I then asked if he remembered buying it at all. His answer … No. 


Ever since we moved the computer downstairs, I’ve been rearranging the nook in the kitchen. I moved the dogs crate and shifted the table over. This gave more room for our chair at the computer desk. The new problem was that our heads kept whacking the chandelier when we stood up or walked by. 

side note: I've gotten into a bad habit of clearing my storage card for the camera and I deleted the pictures I took before I took down the chandelier. I then thought I could take pictures over, but turned on the camera and realized the chandelier is not there! Oh. So here are some pictures from LONG ago. It shows how I tried to hang it higher by bunching up the chain. I didn't like that look.

I like that chandelier better than my dining room chandelier, so I was tentative about taking it down. It’s too small for the dining room, otherwise, I would have relocated it there. 

I used a naptime to tackle the job and cut off the power to the kitchen. I removed the chandelier and disconnected the wires.

There was new bracket specific for the new light, so I had to remove the old one.

The new one was just a bit wider and allowed for the light to attach to it.

The hardest part about the installation was not being able to see when it came time to insert the screws into the lamp onto the bracket. I could see while I was doing the wiring just fine. Another problem is losing circulation in your arms because your holding them above your head while installing.

Little JCrew was very curious about what Momma was doing. He loves to climb and hopped right on the ladder.

I crossed my fingers and was confident the light would come on. 


My arms were still tired, so I waited. I also didn’t want to yell and kick something in front of Little JCrew. I knew what the problem was; I didn’t do a good job connecting the wires. And I was confident it was the black wires.  I just really didn’t want to go through screwing it back on the bracket!

When Little JCrew went down for a nap, I had a short window before Baby B woke up. This time I enlisted the help of Mr. JCrew. He held the light while I fixed the wires. We tested it before I screwed the light on to the bracket. IT WORKED! With Mr. JCrew holding the light fixture, I moved my ladder over and could see the holes I was trying to screw into. 

Why didn’t I ask for help the first time?

With the new light up higher, it makes the room feel bigger. We don’t have to avoid walking in the area because of the risk of head trauma.

Because the light is higher than the chandelier, it lights up that area differently. The chandelier light bounced off the windows at night. It gives a soft glow and is my preferred light to turn on in the middle of the night.

I cleared out the kitchen for a picture and WOW, would you look at all that floor space!

My kitchen feels huge when you take out the highchair, rock-n-play and the jumperoo. I can’t wait to get my kitchen back. Not long and the rock-n-play and jumperoo will be gone, but I’ll add another high chair. Maybe by then, we’ll relocate eating meals to the dining room. 

And here’s a look at the view at night.

Thank you, Mr. JCrew and boys for my gift. I know you’re enjoying it too.

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