Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY LampShade

Mr. Brigglesworth’s lamp in his room is in need of attention.

I love the jar base and it use to be mine when I was younger. I had my very first pair of ballet slippers in the jar and the lamp shade was a paper mache’ type with dried petals on it. Not very appropriate for a boy’s room.

I removed my ballet shoes and donated the lamp shade to the thrift store. I searched for a new lamp shade with no luck. I ended up buying a  white small shade from Lowes with the intentions of DIY’ing something cool.

I’m drawn to bright, big patterns; mainly paisley patterns. 

I wanted to try my hand at stenciling, but had no luck finding a stencil! Not even online!

My JoAnn's store said they were not big enough to carry everything and didn't have stencils. Then I read how Michaels carried Martha Stewart stencils!

So far, the lamp shade has sat in its plain state for two months. I finally sat down and started gathering inspiration. I made note of all the patterns I liked.

My favorite lampshade in the house is in the Living Room. 

Really, it’s my favorite corner of the house. The lamp itself is cool, and I love the stand my mom built out of a library catalog we had when I was growing up and used to store VHS tapes in it! Mom took a table and removed the top piece. (The top is now hanging as artwork on my back porch). We then attached the file cabinet to the base and then it was perfect!

Being drawn to the bright colors, I talked myself out of it. Mr. Brigglesworth’s bed is bright enough and I didn’t want the lamp to compete. I could have one bright color on it, but that’s where I was limiting myself. 

It was then time to just see what I could find. I was going to look at fabric and stencils. (I wasn’t giving up on finding stencils).

I even searched twine/string to see what color selection I had.

I ended up going with BOTH! I could stencil one shade and wrap another shade with yarn. I could do Little JCrew’s lamp shade, too. 

All that was left was to find something to put into the base jar. Something memorable. He’s only four months old, so it was hard to come up with something. His hospital bracelet is in his baby book (where it belongs; it’s not cute). I could fill it with our favorite pacifiers, Gumdrops, but we still need those! (Little JCrew can’t be in the same room with one and not have it in his mouth.)

I then thought of borrowing blocks from Little JCrew’s stash.

Most things my boys like, do not fit in the lamp base (ie. Books).

I used left over paint from another project and stenciled the lampshade. Using leftover paint is helpful. Not only is it resourceful, but it's guaranteed that various projects in your house will go together. There will be cohesiveness!

Stenciling was the longest process.

I waited til the paint was semi-dry before moving the stencil to the next location. I made sure to wipe it clean before I placed it on the shade.

When the first color was completely dry, I started with the next color. I did this, because the colors would overlap. (On the backside of the lamp, the patterns overlap).

I decided to use three colors on this shade. I felt that the stencil option was subtle. I just had to refrain A LOT from not doing too much!

I really like it. It's not perfect, but I didn't expect my first try at stenciling to go that smoothly.

Little JCrew’s lampshade couldn’t be left out, so I decided to do a yarn hombre pattern.

Little JCrew’s room already has stripes in it, so I thought it was perfect. 

I started off with the solid navy yarn and slowly added in the light country blue yarn. 

I marked the shade in thirds to guide me on the start of each color.

I didn't get this done in one day. I stopped when I got to the last color.

I finished the top with a linen yarn. I used the seam of the shade as the starting point for each new color. When a color was finished, I cut it and kept going over the leftover strand with the new color.

I really like it.

I even like it lit up.

The stripes tie in nicely with Little JCrew's bedding. 

Glad to finally give both lampshades a fun face lift!

Martha Stewart Stencil (from Michaels) - $8 after 50% coupon
Navy Yarn: $1.89
Linen Yarn: $1.89
Medium Blue Yarn: $3.99
Lampshades – already owned; but got new one at Lowes for $5
Paint – already owned; paint samples at $2.99 each

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