Friday, February 15, 2013

Lindsay, Jr.

Mr. JCrew is the Third and he has his own Mini-me in Little JCrew.

I now have my own mini-me!

Love The Double Chins!

My mom showed Mr. JCrew that picture and he was floored. Now he calls Mr. Brigglesworth, "Lindsay, Jr."


Can I say he's cute? No bias-ness at all, right?

Mr. Brigglesworth LOVES his big brother.

I really do think both of my boys are a perfect blend of Mr. JCrew and I. Little JCrew has changed so much and had periods where he looks just like me and then looked just like Mr. JCrew. It will be fun to see Mr. Brigglesworth go through those phases too. 


  1. How FUN that you each have your mini-me! That's so cool to see. My kids seem to be such a perfect blend of Hunter and me that it can be hard to see specific features belonging to either of us. I love that your two so clearly belong to you! Hmmm, I wonder what a little girl would look like? :)

  2. truely amazing. love that you have a mini me (you)


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