Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shower Flower Arrangements

I'm wrapping up the stuff I did for Julie's Sprinkle Shower. Last on the agenda was flowers.

You saw how I painted my “bud-vases” here, but then I did more to them.

The inspirational picture had sequins in the water. They were another attempt at incorporating sprinkles.

I bought a pack of pink and purple sequins and evenly distributed them into the jars.

When I filled them with water, half stayed on the bottom and the other half floated. 

Since the bottom of the jar was painted, it allowed you to still notice the sequins at the bottom.

But once you add the flowers, it kind of goes away. 

I found the perfect flowers (in my price range) that were a pink/purple color and there were lots of them!

I didn’t want to do anything permanent to the jars in regards to the sequins, otherwise, I could have glued them onto the side.  

I wasn’t going to stuff the vases too full, but the flowers kind of flopped.

I then used floral wire to wrap them together in a bunch.

Flowers at a party are always cheerful. Flowers in the house are always a good idea in general. 

Now I am enjoying the flowers on my mantle.

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  1. Such a lovely way to invite spring into your home. Came to visit from East Coast Creative!

    Jenny @


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