Monday, February 4, 2013

Sprinkles Galore!

As I begin to tell you about the baby shower I hosted at my house Saturday, I realized that all the hostesses have blogs and we're probably all going to be writing about our fun time!

It was a special day for a special lady in our lives. The day started off with a beautiful pink sunrise! And of course, the baby shower was all in pink. Jules can't get enough pink in her life. Luckily, she's having another girl at the end of this month.

I think I told Mr. JCrew a thousand times how much I love putting together events with my Sunday School friends. Everyone is so crafty (everyone has a blog!) And we tend to be very resourceful. The planning for this shower came together very easily. We pulled together what we had around the house and that was it!

Since this is Julie's second baby, we wanted to celebrate the new baby with a "Sprinkle." It was just a small gathering to show we are excited and each guest brought a book for the baby's library.

The theme of the shower was Sprinkles. We tried to come up with creative ways to incorporate sprinkles. Salt, sequins, chopped nuts, dots, glitter, etc. I'll leave you with pictures and the rest of this week will elaborate on the preparation of it all.

Salted Caramel provided by Kelly

Glitter Nail Polish as Party Favors

Sprinkled Balloons

Sprinkled Table Cloth
Sprinkled Dot Garland made by Jenn

Sequins in the Water.
Sprinkled Mini-Cupcakes provided by Kelly
Sprinkled Food

I've only ever had Kelly's Cake Pops, but they are ridiculously good! I think I ate ten of them. Honestly! If she made 24, that would mean everyone got one (10+14=24). Math sounds about right. (You think I'm kidding).

Cake Pops!
The Inside of a Cake Pop

Ice Cream Bar with Toppings to Sprinkle

Adorable Small Mason Jars for the Ice Cream Scoops (jars provided by Jenn)
The Drink Table with Clouds on Straws

Dipped and Sprinkled Pretzel Rods - Delish! (provided by Blakeley)

I think Julie and all her friends had a great time. Let the countdown to Baby Girl begin!

As I elaborate on the projects this week, I'll link them back to this post. I like to get linky!

- Party Favors - Nail Polish
- Clouds on Straws
- Sequin Balloons
- Polka-Dot Table Cloth
- BabyFood Jar Vases
- Party Flower Arrangements

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  1. your pictures are lovely. i love the one of the balloons from the floor perspective. very nice


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