Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Babyfood Jars Turned into Vases

I'm still detailing all the projects we did for Julie's Sprinkle Shower; and this one is going to talk about the vases I used.
I’ve been saving my baby food jars ever since Little JCrew started eating. He obviously doesn’t eat out of them now, but I have them just waiting to be repurposed. 

When it came time to plan Julies shower, I saw a picture that was my inspiration.

I immediately thought of my baby food jars being bud vases.

I then remembered another picture I pinned that had baby food jars painted on the bottom third or fourth of the jar.

This project took me five days to complete. It wouldn’t be that long for a normal person, but I had to pace myself. I did a step each night of the work week.

Day 1 = Get the sticky residue off the jars.

I used vegetable oil to get the label residue off the jars. It worked great.

Day 2 = Wash the jars.

With all the vegetable oil on there, I knew the paint wouldn’t stick.

Day 3 = Tape the jars.

I used regular masking tape to mark where I wanted to paint. I didn't have painter's tape on hand.

Day 4 = Turn the jars upside-down.

Yes, this really was a step. 

Day 5 = Paint the jars and peel tape off.

I used the leftover paint from Mr. Brigglesworth’s crib. I’ve heard tips on removing tape before the paint dries so that it won’t bleed under the tape. I was nervous about this step. But I did it and the lines were perfect!

They were then ready to be used as bud vases for the sprinkle shower.

Next up on their agenda… treasure jars for the boys. Little JCrew had one started by his Poppi that he put knick-knacks in (like a golf tee, quarter, rock, etc.)

I also cleaned and painted some other left over jars I had. The plan was to use them for storing crayons. But the paint job didn't go so well.

I tried painting the inside of the jars first.

Then I painted the outside after having difficulty on the inside. The paint on the inside was globby, but I left it to dry.

The next day, I discovered the paint peeling. I don't think I used the right kind of paint. Or I may have forgotten to clean the jars after using the vegetable oil.

Just wanted to show an attempted project that failed. Maybe I will try again one day. Maybe the simple fix is to clean the jars like I did before. Or maybe I was trying to be too resourceful using the paint I had on hand, and it wasn't meant to be put on glass.

(Ironic: I got the Parenting magazine in the mail last night and it showed babyfood jars been repurposed. They tinted the glass by coating the inside of the jar and putting it in the oven. I'll have to give that a try and let you know.)

Oh, well. I still have all the other vases from the shower and they are not peeling.
Who knows what they’ll be used for next. Maybe some will still stay bud vases for all those flowers the boys will be picking for me from the yard. ;)

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