Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sprinkled Tablecloth and Furniture Shuffle

Picking back up on the details of Julie's Sprinkle Shower.

When you throw a party, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be moving furniture around to accommodate guests. I am nowhere near the frequent party-host Heidi Klum is, so my house is not staged to host parties every weekend. 

I hid the kid toys to make the event feel “adult.” Pretty much all the guests have kids, and I figured it’d be a nice change of pace to be somewhere without the kids and their STUFF!

I moved the stroller, Little JCrew’s kitchen, his car, his cow-chair and the dog’s cage. All this stuff was piled into the master bedroom. No one would be going in there.

However, they did! We had a mishap right as people were arriving. One of the guest’s daughter broke the handle on the toilet! 

It was the screw that split and I couldn’t screw it back on. I tried to see if you could still flush it without the handle, but it was too hard.

I guess that would mean everyone would see my clean, but crowded bedroom on their way to use my bathroom. I can’t claim a perfect house, but I am proud the bathroom was clean!

While the bedroom had misplaced toys, the kitchen looked calm. I moved my nook table in front of the pantry door to serve as a drink stand.

I brought down a folding table from the attic to serve the food on. Since this table was not pretty by any means, it needed a table cloth. (As I transported the table, I discovered old chewing gum underneath! This was a hand-me-down table from the in-laws. Either Mr. JCrew or his brother did that when they were little!)

I originally liked this polka-dot painted table cloth.


But I wanted to be able to use the table cloth in the future. What if I wanted it all white again?

I had scrap pink and green fabric, so I cut out varying circle sizes.

I used a bowl, candle jar and the babyfood jar for templates.

I then tacked the circles onto the tablecloth.

I pinned them while the tablecloth was on the table so I knew where they were being placed.

Once pinned, I took a needle and thread to get them on the table cloth more securely. 

Like all my projects, the first pass takes a while as I learn a faster method. Too bad I didn’t think until my last circle and THEN I found a faster way. Instead of pulling the needle all the way through, I poked the needle point through, but then poked it back to the front side before pulling the thread through. Just like you do a safety-pin.

Yep; those are my knees under there.
The table got a face-mask that was good enough for the party.

Now the table is back up in the attic and the furniture is back to its normal layout. My tiny house felt so spacious with all the kid stuff out of the way. Reminds me what it will feel like once the boys are teenagers. I’m sure then, I’ll have something else taking up space.

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